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Expanded Protections for Genetic Information

By |November 11, 2021|Resources and Insights, Uncategorized|

Direct-to-consumer DNA testing kits such as 23andMe and allow consumers to learn about their risks of developing certain diseases and investigate their family tree by submitting their DNA sample containing their genetic information.  These tests have become very popular because they are convenient, inexpensive, and easy to use.  However, they also raise privacy concerns [...]

What to do if Your License is Under Investigation

By |November 11, 2021|Resources and Insights|

What to Do if Your License is Under Investigation When individuals obtain their licenses to practice their healthcare profession, they typically don’t contemplate being the subject of an investigation for possible licensure violations.  As such, they are often unprepared for how to respond when they receive a Notice of Investigation from the Florida Department of [...]

The Impact of New Florida COVID Laws on Healthcare Providers

By |November 11, 2021|Resources and Insights|

Keeping up with the various federal agency guidance and state mandates regarding COVID-19 can be overwhelming for healthcare providers especially when such guidance often changes daily.  Healthcare providers need to be aware of newly enacted Florida laws regarding COVID-19 which were effective July 1, 2021. Vaccine Passports Section 381.00316, Florida Statutes (“COVID-19 Vaccine Documentation”) prohibits [...]

A Breakdown of Contractual Limitations on Liability

By |August 5, 2019|Resources and Insights|

One of the most common negotiating tools is the use of contractual limitations on liability to establish the risk each party undertakes in an agreement. Each party always wants to limit its own risk, while at the same time requiring the other party to maintain full liability. Negotiating these types of limitations of liability provisions [...]

Know The Terms Of Your Preferred Equity

By |July 3, 2019|Resources and Insights|

We are often involved with assisting companies raising capital, and these companies can be at various stages of their business life cycles. For example, a start-up company might be raising capital for a wide variety of reasons (such as hiring a sales force, product development, etc.) and a middle-stage company might be raising capital for [...]

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