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At Rezlegal, we acknowledge that legal services are expensive. We understand that some clients experience extreme angst over unknown costs to create legal documents or to resolve legal issues. We also know that we can provide the most value to our clients if our clients feel free to call us to ask questions, without the fear of being charged for each passing minute. To ensure that we provide the best value to our clients, we charge for our services in a manner that works best for each client.

We offer multiple billing arrangements, depending on the type of work and complexity of the matter. We encourage you to discuss alternative billing arrangements with us so that we may best meet your needs.


This is the typical means for a lawyer to bill for professional services. We bill in 1/10 hour increments to most accurately reflect the amount of time spent. Our invoices reflect the amount of time spent multiplied by the hourly rate of the professional working on your matter.

Flat Fee

This is a flat fee for an agreed upon scope of work. Our invoice reflects a flat fee for the work product that we provide, regardless of the amount of time that we spend on the matter. The flat fee approach lets you know in advance the exact cost for work that we perform.

Revolving Monthly Flat Fee Engagement

You pay a set monthly amount for a pre-defined list of legal services. The amount is the same each month, regardless of the amount of time that we spend working for you in any month. We review our monthly flat fee engagements every quarter or semi-annually to ensure that the arrangement is working well for you and for our Firm. We will work with you to make an adjustment to the monthly fee if your legal needs change.


You may use a combination of any of the fee arrangements above. For example, you may typically pay on an hourly basis, but we will charge a flat fee to prepare certain documents for you when the need arises.

Customized Approach

We are willing to discuss any other arrangement at any time. We know that the arrangement must work for you and for our Firm. If you have any questions, or if you want us to consider a novel approach for payment for legal services, just ask.


Elizabeth D. Shaw