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The attorneys at Rezlegal represent both Franchisors and Franchisees. We have the experience and expertise necessary to guide you to establish a successful franchise business. Whether that means creating a Franchise Agreement that will allow your business to flourish or assisting you to understand your rights as a Franchisee, we can help simplify the process. You should run your business – let us ensure that you satisfy the legal requirements.

Franchisors, we can help you to:

Create a Franchise Agreement
Navigate complex federal and state franchise and business offering regulations
Create successful leases with landlords of your franchised locations
Negotiate with potential franchisees
File all necessary paperwork at the federal and state levels
Enforce your rights against non-compliant Franchisees

Franchisees, we can help you to:

Understand your rights and obligations of a Franchise Agreement
Negotiate your rights in a Franchise Agreement or a renewal Franchise Agreement


If you want your business to grow through other people using your business ideas, franchises are not the only option. Many businesses can work well with a license agreement. A license agreement can avoid much of the expense of a franchise agreement. However, you must be very cautious to ensure that your license is not truly a franchise. We can assist you to ensure that your license agreement does not cross the line into a franchise.


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